The Black Trucker Jacket

urban outfitters, denim, doris dave, outfit
urban outfitters, denim, doris dave, outfit, kittens
urban outfitters, denim, doris dave, outfit, kittens
urban outfitters, denim, doris dave, outfit
Black oversized denim jacket- Urban Outfitters, Sandals- Urban Outfitters, Cropped sweater- American Apparel, Trousers- Bershka

Finally I've got my hands on a pretty cool trucker jacket. I've always wanted one and this from Urban Outfitters is pretty much perfect. Totally black and oversized, just how I like it. It toughens every outfit up with a cool killer vibe. Match this with a white tee, black skinnies, chelsea boots and black sunnies and you're cool AF (lol, no really, lol).

Here I've styled it totally different. I don't know why, but it was very spontaneously. As was this shoot. Oh, and the kittens! We found those two cuties in a box left alone and welcomed them in our home. Yes, I've got 4 cats now and I'm not complaining. No fortune teller needed, because I can predict my future already: Loving, caring and growing old with these furry little creatures. #catladyforever 


Love Love Love (Makeup)

Last weekend, my friends and I attended a natural makeup look workshop at MUD. We learned the basics and learned a bit of contouring and applying eye shadow. For the last one I was very excited about, because all I do with my eyes is mascara, sometimes/barely liner and very rarely some eyeshadow, but nobody sees it, haha. (Long story short, I'm such a pussy to go bold with makeup.) At the workshop they asked me if I want to go for the natural colours or a bit more daring, like purple or red. I picked a colour similar to a pomegranate (which is also the name of the eye shadow!) and after applying it, I literally fell in love with it.

On a daily basis, I only use mascara and/or lipstick, and some brow gel when I leave the house. But after the MUD workshop (and yes, I bought the eye shadow) I'm more in an experimental/bold mood! I'll show you the MUD-products I bought later.

Below I collected a few images of makeup looks I've been loving and want to try out myself! What do you think? Have you been loving a certain makeup look? Let me know in the comments!

1. Red eyeshadow, red liner

2. Glossy look

3. Colourful/bold lashes