Blue & Red

Hejhej peeps!
School is so much fun! Last week I had to take pictures blindfolded with a disposable camera. And the pictures are hilarious! I also love the effect on the pictures, I think I'm going to take pictures with a disposable camera more often.

And I bought a new ring and earrings from the H&M. You can see the earrings below. They are actually really long and heavy, but I changed it a bit and now they aren't so heavy anymore. Maybe I'll use the rest for a ring or something else ;)

Red Bandana- Souvenir shop from Stockholm
Earrings- H&M + DIY
Blue vest- Zara
Red dress- H&M
Bag- Mom's

Love, Gladys

1 comment:

  1. echt grappige foto's!
    en mooie outfit gladys o}: (hij heeft een snorretje!)