Do Re Mi...

Hello everyone!
So I study graphic design and yesterday I took some pictures of my pamphlet on the street. My pamphlet is about how annoying chewing gum can be on street and when people don't throw it in the bin. I hate it, it's so gross!
Anyway, I was taking pictures and then a lady came to me and she told me that her husband had loads of photography stuff and he also had a dark room, but he doesn't use it anymore. So she gave me an old tripod! (they were going to throw it away!) It's so gorgeous and big and... heavy! I love it! And she also said if she would find something, she will give it to me, because her husband gave most of his material already to photo shops.

And this is what i wore today :)

Hat- H&M
Cardigan- H&M
Denim shorts- Mom's 
Maybe i'll post this on Lookbook, I'm not sure. 

Love, Gladys

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  1. Zo leuk, gladys! Woont die mevrouw niet ver van jou mss, omdat ze mss nog spullen voor je heeft?
    Echt supercool! Ben ook benieuwd naar u poster waarover je me gisteren ging smsen, remember? haha ik weet zeker dat het goed was! Mooie foto's!