I want to ride my bicycle, I want to...

Oh dear I love surprises! This morning I received a lovely bicycle as a gift from my friends (for my 19th birthday, that was actually last week) :) I never expected that! And I'm so happy now, because I've been looking for a secondhand bicycle for a long long time!

And yesterday I made a new hairband, but with white roses! :D

Love, Gladys

ps thank you so much for following and for the lovely comments!


  1. oh I love your blog and your style! happy belated bday =)

  2. wooow zo'n sjieke fiets! o:
    Is die gloednieuw? Ik ben jaloers op je voorligt hihihih! en lisen en ik vroegen ons af vanwaar je die prachtige tas hebt, want die hebben we nog nooit gezien!
    Je haarbandje is supermooi! en die foto ook!
    Jeeeej prachtige headerrrr!

  3. ik bedoel voorlicht natuurlijk!