Pink Fishy

I bought this cute little fish eye camera a few months ago and finally I got the result! The pictures are pretty awesome! 

Pink Fish eye- Lomography

me and my lovely sister

And another look :D
Hairban- DIY
Velvet skirt- DIY
Tights- ZARA

I love my new earrings! They are from the H&M, but actually that's not the normal size. I shortened a bit, because it was too heavy for my ears. And I think it looks also better this way.
Oh and the tights are actually from my mom. I borrowed it once and now it's like mine. Haha, my mom is ok with that. She has loads of pretty tights! Hmm... maybe later I take a quick look!

Love Gladys


  1. this look is lovely! and you are something to be able to make a velvet skirt! it looks awesome. wonderful blog.


  2. mooie look lieve gladys! dat bordeaux is zo mooi bij jou! vandaag ben'k trouwens weer nr think twice geweest en woensdag is alles €1. er zijn geen dikke truien meer maar wel prachtige jassen! ouwe bomma en bompa jassen zo en vele kleedjes en truien zonder mouwen!
    ben echt superblij dat die foto's ontwikkeld zijn hihiihihihihihi! morgen ga ik ook om mijn foto's! ik wou vandaag al maar had school tot kwart na zeven!