White roses

Yesterday I found my old leather briefcase that I used to go to school when I was very young :) And now I'm going to use it again! It's a bit heavy when my laptop and other stuff are in it, but whatever! I love it!

hihi me and the lovely bag! I can also wear it on my back, but I need to find the straps.

Denim jacket- Mom's
Sweater- second hand
Hairband- DIY

love this song ;)

Love, Gladys


  1. echt echt mooie tas!
    hihihi dat liedje, ik kan daar echt niet serieus naar luisteren! ik zie rupert grint dat zo playbacken in mijn hoofd hahahaha hilarisch :')
    maar tis echt wel nog een tof idee dat clipje!

  2. love flowers on your hair!!!!
    welcome to my blog, hope ull like it!