Coat oh coat

Oh my! I need a new coat (or jacket)! I'm tired of the ones I'm wearing now and I always have to use 2 pullovers or something to keep me really warm.  So my mom said I have to look for a coat and she'll pay. Woow she is so lovely! Love her so much! <3 love you mom!

Left: €79,95    Right: €79,95 (also in black)

Left: €139,00    Right: €79,95 

Well, last week I was looking in ZARA and I found some faux fur coats. They are so lovely! I always wanted one! My sister has one and my mom too. So I want one too! haha

I'm kinda in love with the last two.
Left: Looooove the combination!
Right: So cute with the panter print! Looks so warm!
If I had to choose between those coats... hmmm... definitely faux fur... but which one? I love the one with no panter print (brown), but I also love the one with the panter print! Hahaha difficult!

Well, I'll see... I still need to look in other stores ;)

Have a nice Saturday!
Love Gladys

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  1. Zeker de combined coat!! Kopen is de boodschap :p