One month ;)

Hey peeps!
Finally I'm free, well for a moment. The last few days I've worked so hard for school (I've barely slept) and Thursday I had to give a presentation of my work (I study graphic design) and it went very well, so I'm very happy!
Metro- Stockholm
Tomorrow I'm going to see my lovely friends back. It's been a while, because everybody had to study for the exams, but now they are finally over. I really look forward to it! And I'm also going to take some outfitpictures for lookbook! And I thank everybody for the lovely comments! You're amazing! 

So now I have some time to spend more time here on my blog and on lookbook! Lovely!

Now I'm going to drink a cup of lovely tea and read Graphic Design, A Concise History from Richard Hollis :)

Lots of love Gladys!

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