Hello! I'm still working on my banner! Maybe it will be finished tomorrow. Anyway, today I went with my mom to the city to buy some fake flowers and my lovely mom bought me those earrings and this beautiful bracelet. Later I went with my lovely friend Linde to Julie's house (bakery, cupcakes and cake, cafe) and we ate there apple crumble cake, delicious! It was so lovely, I really missed her. And I also bought some fabric (chiffon, mint), because tomorrow I want to make a maxi skirt. I'll show you the result later! :D

I really love this bracelet. I just love it...

Those earrings are perfect! I love the color of those stones. It's like the color of the fabric I bought today, very soft, pastel, mint and lovely! Thank you mom! I love you!

Tomorrow I'll show you my creation with those flowers! Can't wait to show you guys!!! :D

Earrings and bracelet- S.I.X.

Have a nice evening!

Lots of love


  1. nice bracelet and earrings


  2. wiiii ik vond het zo leuk!! en die armband is echt zalig!(ik denk ook heerlijk om mee te prutsen hahaha) en je oorbellies ook! you my apple crumble you are!