Sorry for not posting regularly! I've been in Berlin with school, so I didn't had the time to blog or to post looks on lookbook.
Yes Berlin! It was a lovely trip and had loads of fun with my friends. I ate delicious food (hmm... currywurst), visited nice museums, shops and bars and I took the metro quite often. I didn't had the time to visit other cool places, like Tacheles which is sad, because there is a lot of street art which I would like to see.
Here some pictures of my trip in Berlin ;)

I also have analogue pictures but I'll have to develop them first. I'll show you them later. 
Here an outfit I wore the second day of my trip in Berlin. The sun was shining, but it was still a bit cold.

Jeans jacket- Mom's
Top- Monki
Maxi chiffon skirt- American Apparel
Bag- Mom's
Shoes- Dinsko

Love this skirt so much! The fabric is so soft, love the length and the sheerness of it. The top is my favourite, because it's lace and very bright white. Can't wait to wear it more often in lovely summer days.
Another thing besides the analogue pictures I wanted to show you is the nail polish I bought in Berlin from KIKO, well that's for later.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. wiiiii blogbericht over berlijnnnn!
    hihi je zag er weer zo mooi uit as usual!
    ik kan niet wachten totk je eens zie!
    twas deze week weer een gezellige week not! haha ik vertel het je wel nog ( ; ik kan niet wachten tot het vrijdag is en mijn 'film' af is. en dan leren aaargh too little timeeee!
    maar ik vertel het je wel nog eens hehe!
    laat af en toe eens van je horen(sms of fb)
    miss youuuuuuuu purty lady!

  2. great top and skirt amazing ♥


  3. Jaloers :(! Love love love ur hair trouwens!! Je hebt het opnieuw gedaan?

    1. Hahah, thanks! Nee ik heb het niet opnieuw gedaan, want mijn haar was echt kapot. Komt gewoon door de zonneschijn dat het zo lichter uitziet hahaha!