Club Tropicana

Hej lovelies! :D
Almost done with my theory exams! Tuesday I have philosophy and thursday I have to hand in my paper about typography. I still have to do so much for philosophy, it's so damn difficult, but I'll get through it.

Today I took some outfit pictures with another lovely vintage piece I bought a few weeks or days ago. The blouse/dress has those cool palm leaves and parrots on it. It gives me a summer feeling! Damn, I want summer!
 I also have a blue version from this piece of clothing. Both are quite nice

Hairband- D.I.Y.
Blouse/dress- vintage
Belt- H&M
Ring- D.I.Y.
Bag- Mom's

 A ring I made from H&M plastic bags :) I'll show you guys a tutorial soon. I made this for a school project and I also made a ring of paper and a little wallet which is also made of H&M plastic bags. I'll show you them later.

And here a beautiful leather suitcase that I got from my lovely bestfriend Steffi. She is amazing! Thank you dear! :D I can't wait to travel with this suitcase!

Have a lovely evening!

ps: look my ombre hair :)


  1. i'm in love with your ombre hair! i have to do this :D

  2. you look so cute as always <3 x

  3. Ooh that last picture is soooo cute :D
    And love your hairband <3