Hello! I mentioned in a previous post that I'll post a DIY for the H&M plastic bag ring! It was part of a school project and I decided to share you how I made it. Well, it's very simple! I use plastic bags form the H&M, because I have loads of them and I don't want to just throw them away. So recycling is the best way!

All you need is a plastic bag from H&M. It doesn't matter actually! Any plastic bag is fine as well!
A flat bottom ring, glue (I used a glue gun), pencil, scissors and an object which you can draw circles with.

1. Cut the plastic bag open.

2. Cut those things off (don't know the name for it!) 

3. Draw cirkels on the plastic. You can choose any size you want.

5. Fold them in half.

6. Fold it again but you have to fold one side to the center.

7. Glue the folded cirkels on a non-folded cirkel and keep on glueing folded cirkels on top of other folded cirkels.

8. Glue the flat bottom ring on the plastic piece.

9. And here it is!

Questions, leave a comment! 
Have a lovely evening!


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