Hello you! I want to share you some music I've been listening to this month July. I want to share songs with you that makes my heart beat faster, inspires me, has beautiful memories behind it... or just my favourite bands, cd covers etc. Every month a music inpiration post. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Metronomy- The Bay
How they start in the beginning in this song gives me the chills. This song is so relaxing and the bass is so good. Just want to repeat this song over and over again. The music video itself contains graphic images/elements which makes this video so perfect. Love how clean and classy they made this song. This song makes me want to go on holiday so badly!
You should definitely listen to their album "The English Riviera".

2. XXYYXX- About You (directed by VASH)
A lovely friend of mine is really fond of relaxing music like these. She shared me this song and I just can't get enough of it. I can just fall asleep to this song, because the beats are very calm and the woman's voice makes it so perfect. This song just reminds me of all the relaxing weekends I had this summer, haha.

3. Beach House- The Hours
Hmmm, this is my favourite of the month. Sometimes if I go to work I sing this song very quietly on my bike, hihi. It just makes me so happy how this song has so much beauty. Her voice is so perfect and is just like a dream. You have to listen to their other songs! Definitely worth it!

Have a lovely evening! And let me know what you think of those songs!