Those are the songs i've been listening to a while. They all remind me of this incredible lovely summer feeling. Here in Belgium the weather can be so strange. Just a few days ago it was very warm and wearing dresses and shorts were the perfect outfits for the day. Now it's so rainy and only 17° C. I'm hoping tonight the weather will be calm so I can enjoy my barbecue! Yes, dinner for tonight will be barbecue for sure! I'm going to a "Back to the (OLD)SKOOL Beachparty & BBQ" here in Ghent.

The songs are not about summer or beaches and so, maybe some are... For me, they are just songs I associate to beautiful summer days I had or songs that just give me this summer feeling and crave me for the sun and vacation. 
Let me know what you think of the music! Do you get the summer vibe too? Any recommendations of some awesome summer feel music? Let me know!

1. Neon Indian- Polish Girl

2. The Drums- Down By the Water

3. Shlohmo- Anywhere But Here

4. Last Dinosaurs- Honululu

4. The Park- These Are The Days

5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra- How Can U Luv Me?

What's your favorite? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great choice of music! You've got a good taste. :)

  2. yup, I agree- really awesome taste for music. :) First song is one of my favorites <3

    1. Hihi thanks Maja! yes the first one is loveeee!