Ipod Touch 8GB & Marshall Headphones

Hello lovelies! Wow I just can't believe it! So many hypes for my latest look on Lookbook. Really didn't expect it. Thank you so much for liking my look and those lovely comments. I love to read every single of them. And thank you so much for fanning me. You're the best! When I started Lookbook I never thought of it getting so far! 
And ofcourse thank you for reading and following my blog, I'm so thrilled. You guys make my day! 

Now I want to show you some things. Firstly, my new Ipod Touch! I've been craving for one for a long long time and after some hard work I finally got one! I'm pretty happy about it. (Very soon you can follow me on Instagram!)

Secondly, I'm in love with this Marshall Headphone! It fits perfectly on my head and the sound is pretty good. The design of it is beautiful. It has some gold accents and some other little details, which makes this headphone so delightful.

Now I'm going to eat some pizza and enjoy my evening!


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