Hello peeps! I'm back from Sardinia and it was a lovely trip! We ate more than we explored Cagliari, haha. The pizza's over there are so yummy and so Italian! Our everyday dinner was pizza pizza and again pizza. We couldn't get enough of it. Besides eating, we went to Molentargius Park were we picknicked and some of us got stabbed by cactusses, haha. We also went to Poetto for two days and normally we wanted to go to other beaches, but we really suck at planning. Anyway here are some pictures!

 Such a cute couple, April and Yarno.
Orto Botanico

I couldn't take many pictures, because my camera is kinda damaged, which sucks a lot. I was planning to buy a 50mm lens, but now I have to buy a new DSLR. Sometimes with some luck, it works, but it's really irritating after a while. So now I have to save for a new one :( :(. Anyway, I also filmed during my stay over there. So maybe I'll post a video later. 

Have a nice day!


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  1. oooh zo erg van je camera! wat is ermeee?
    echt leuke foto's (: ben blij dat het zo leuk was!