Hey! This year I'm celebrating Halloween with just a cup of tea and some pancakes at home with family. Last year me and two of my lovely best friends dressed up and took loads of pictures! It was pretty funny! Saturday I'm going to celebrate my birthday with them and Suzanne in the morning and have a cake and some tea! So, I'm pretty excited to see them back, because we all go to different schools and we barely see each other! Anyway, what do you think of my outfit? It's the first time I'm using this bag and pretty much like it. Love the design. Now I'm looking for a similar one, but in black leather. That would be sweet if I could find one! And as you can see I'm wearing this dress a lot lately. It is just so comfy and easy to combine with like everything. 

What are you guys doing for Halloween? 
Have a nice evening!


  1. oh what a lovely look! :3 your hat is just adorable and i can't get over the wonderful lighting in your looks! so clear and bright.. i so very jealous. me only good photo places are outside, and i practically freeeeze :c but happy halloweeen! all that tea sounds wonderful. i had quite a rubbish day, and it was raining the entire time, oh sigh tis just another day i suppose!

    1. Oh thank you Greer! Takes lot of time to get it right the lighting. I'm actually jealous of your pictures! I also want to take pictures outside but the only problem is that my garden is like under construction and my street isn't pretty. And if I'm in the city I don't have someone to take pictures or it's just too cold, haha. Now with the cold, dark, rainy days here. It's so difficult to take pictures...
      A belated happy halloween to you girl! Oh I hope it wasn't that bad? I saw your awesome pumpkin on Instagram! Love it!