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I watched this movie during my summer vacation with a friend and it is such an incredible lovely movie!  Loads of funny characters, beautiful scenes and love the storyline.
It's one of the movies from Studio Ghibli created by Hayao Miyazaki (see Spirited Away). It's about a girl that gets cursed by the Witch of the Waste and transformes into an old lady. Then she goes on an big adventure where she meets wonderful creatures and seeks for a cure for her curse. The rest is for you to see! 
I'm so amazed by the animation, very richly detailed and every character has an exciting, adventurous, beautiful... personality. If you love animation, fantasy, anime and cuteness, you should definitely watch this movie and also all the other ones from Studio Ghibli! 

If you've watched this movie, share your opinion! And for the ones who didn't watched it already, go watch it, haha!



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  2. The story is imaginative and the characters and animations endlessly unique and strange. This is just so much more creative than Hollywood. It really is uplifting and very original.
    This is a great movie that I think people of all ages should see for themselves. ^_^

    1. Yes! Perfect! :D It really gave me the goosebumps watching this movie!

  3. Ohh I saw this movie, it was great.. at the begin I wasn't sure for this movie but after a while I started to laugh and like this more and more :)