Cotton Candy, Ultimate Nudes- Catrice, Topcoat- Essence, Nail art special effect- Essence

Oh my, weekend is almost over! I wish they were a bit longer! I barely did anything for school, which is not good. Yesterday my friend Steffi came by and we went to a flea market with my little sister. I found a pretty leather wallet and two very old Agfa Isola camera's. Are flea markets not wonderful? I'll show you them in another post! Then we ate some fries at the flea market which were free, because my dad was the one who was making the french fries, haha. 
And today... I did nothing, haha. Actually me and Steffi planned to go to an art gallery, but that didn't happen and we also planned to take some outfit pictures outside, but that didn't happen also, haha. So friggin lazy! Anyway I want to show you my nails! I painted them a few days ago and they are still pretty! I used my favourite nailpolish, which is the Cotton Candy colour form Catrice! So lovely! The name says it already, hihi! And ofcourse, I added some glitter! Is there anyone who is pretty obsessed with glitter too? Anyone? 

Ok, now I'm going to work a bit for Graphic Design and then I'm going to wrap myself up in some warm fluffy blankets and read "Me Talk Pretty One Day" from David Sedaris (I bought this like last year, I think, and I've read the first two chapters, but then I stopped and started reading "The Perks of Being A Wallflower", hihi, it's so pretty!). 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Have a nice evening!

aaaah, +100 followers! Thank you so much! You're the best!


  1. hehe i know exactly how you feel! im always so lazy on weekends.. and i always plan to actually attempt to have a social life but it never happens lol your nails look so lovely, and im so glad you started to read perks of being a wallflower! hope you enjoy me dear :3

    1. Hihi you're sweet Greer thank you! Oh I meant I started reading Me talk pretty someday, but I stopped and started reading The perks of..., but I have finished it now and now I'm reading Me Talk Pretty Someday, haha sorry for my english!

  2. Didn't do anything for school either! Hahaha. I'm such a procrastinator. The Me Talk Pretty books looks interesting. Let me know if it's any good? Hee hee. And it's cool to know you have a family living here in Manila! :)


    1. Haha woohoo glad I was not the only one! :D I will! maybe I'll post it on my blog!

  3. I totally love that nailpolish! <3