Jacket- Bershka, Earrings- River Island, Shoes- Dinsko, Glitter socks- UO, Bag- Pieces

I've been searching a while for a jacket or a coat, just something to keep me warm. Yesterday my mom bought me this super lovely warm woolen jacket from Bershka! I feel like Red Riding Hood, but than in black, haha. That day I went to school and it's so hectic right now, because this week it's "intensieve atelier week". Which means no class, just fun fun and fun. Last year our theme was a corso, but now we have to create a football team. Tomorrow is it the last day and our class will be transformed into a football field, haha. I'll show you some pictures tomorrow!
So what do you think of the outfit? I also tried a messy bun. I'm a bit tired of my hair just hanging loose and the pony tails too. I need to experiment a bit more with my hair! I've got so many possibilities, but I'm so friggin lazy, haha. Any ideas? 

Have a nice evening! 

Thank you mom! And thank you Rebecca for the lovely pictures! 


  1. eeeeeep i looove this look :3 the messy bun suits you so well, and i just love how you can see the ombre through. that cap is so lovely also, ah question!!!
    when you do your "normal" looks infront of zee white wall, do you just use a tripod?? they angle is always so perfect and not awkward hehe just wondering!
    amazing setting too eep so perfect!!

    1. Thank you Greer!! Yes I use a tripod for the normal looks! First it was a bit difficult finding the best angle! It took me a couple of test pictures.
      Yes I know! It's just a street next to my school!! :D hihi <3

    2. oh i see! :3 i stole me brother's tripod.. and i bring it to the highest hight because i hate it when im looking down in zee camera,
      i'd rather look straight on! oh another question, hehe.. so your normal looks, are those in your room? if so, there must be a window
      right by.. because its always so very bright!
      awaiting your next loooovely look me dear!

    3. Hahaha! Yes I took them all in my sister s room, because she has much more light than mine. I know it's a bit too bright I think hahaha. Mostly I add a bit more light with photoshop. Hihi thank you lovely!!!!

  2. <3.

    No words needed. :) You look like a really pretty Riding Hood in black with cute messy bun, love it. :)xx

  3. Ik ben ook al superlang op zoek naar een cape, maar heb mijn goesting nog niet gevonden. Deze staat je echt wel op z'n gladys :-p


  4. great outfit, love that you added socks!