Hat- H&M, T-shirt- Cheap Monday, Jeans- JC Jeans, Cardigans- H&M, Bag- Thrifted, Bracelets- DIY, Watch- Primark

Today most of the snow has melted away, but according to the weather forecast it will snow again tomorrow! Pretty much love the snow, but when the roads are getting slippery it's a no-no. Especially when I have to bike.
Yesterday, when I was heading to my guitar class I wore this comfy outfit. And yes I'm wearing jeans for the change! It has been a very long time, but I don't have thick tights, so jeans are the perfect solution for the cold weather.

Now something else... a friend of mine has a band called Citizens (not Citizens with an exclamation mark) and are participating in a competition. If they will win they get the opportunity too play in a festival (Wild in't Park buurtfestival), but to win this, they have to get loads of votes through Facebook. Just go to this site and click the facebook button where it says 'STEMMEN' (make sure you are logged in). It would be highly appreciated if you could vote once in a while for this band! Really want to help those guys out, because they have talent!

I hope it will snow a lot! It would be so cool if I could take outfit pictures outside! I really want you to show you some full body outfit pictures! Anyway, have a nice day or evening, hihi!


  1. this outfit is perfect <3


  2. You're so cool you know! I love that jacket :)

    1. Hahaha you're cool Olivia! Thanks haha! :D

  3. Always so lovely Gladys..............

    what a smile my dear.

    Hey, I just bought some sheer tights to wear with my usual shorts........ do you think I should?
    I'm not in Europe anymore........ on campus people know me and pretty much accept me, but wearing sheer hose.....hmmmm
    I want to, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough.... and by the way, now that I had my hair done (the ends) like yours, I'm loving my hair even more.....

    1. Hihi thank you Jayme! :D
      If you feel comfortable in it and you love it, wear it and be fabulous! Fashion is taking risks! And it's also a great way to expand your horizons!
      Omg really?! That's so cool! You should mail me a picture! :D

  4. Amazing outfit as always! :D The meow bracelet is too cute! :)
    Sofia x

  5. I love this outfit, it's so simple and cool. looove your quirky meow bracelet