Take Care

Hat- H&M, Coat- Zara, White cardigan- H&M, Dress- OASAP, Bag- Thrifted

Today I woke up early just to make some delicious pancakes for my parents, sister and my lovely friend Steffi, who stayed over for the weekend. Unfortunately she had to leave very early because she had a fever and headache. So I brought her back home. Get well soon girl! 

For today's outfit, wearing this Zara coat that I borrowed from my sister, hihi, and I combined it with my black lace dress from Oasap and my white, fluffy/chiffon cardigan from the H&M. Wished I could show you what I'm wearing on my feet, but my room is too small to take full body pictures + I still didn't find a place where I can take such pictures. Anyway, I was wearing my black leather shoes, which you can find here, from River Island. They are actually very comfortable to walk in the snow, 
even though they have like heels. 
That's my sister (Joan) and Bolleke (meaning: little ball). 

Now I'm going to work a bit further on my presentation for this coming Tuesday! Totally not in the mood. Just want to snuggle in my bed and watch some movies.


  1. Im totally in love with that coat its perfect!xx


  2. Your outfits are stunning! I am in love with that bag!

    1. aaaw you're sweet! Yes me too! I use it like everyday!

  3. I love the patterns! That dress is too cute xx

  4. So lovely Gladys, as always.