When I'm Small

Cardigans- H&M, Jeans- Cheap Monday, Shoes- River Island, Bag- Thrifted, scarf- DIY

Hello dear readers! Here are some pictures of my latest look on lookbook! And as you can see another look with my pretty shoes from River Island! Can't help it, but they are so heavenly! I really look sick in those pictures, haha sorry for that. But I wasn't feeling well at that moment probably because of the weather. It's suddenly so warm here in Belgium! Friggin kidding me? From 1°C to 12°C in such a short time!

Sorry for not posting the past few days, but I've been very busy and stressy with the exams. But now they are finally over, thank goodnesssss! I wish I had like a week vacation, but sadly my second semester starts monday. Really need it after a month of exams! Speaking of vacation. I'm going next Saturday to Paris with friends. Just for a day, although it is very short I'm very excited! The last time I went there was two years ago, I think, and I was pretty much in love! Can't wait to eat some delicious crépes!

The winner of the The Fab Shoes giveaway is Jessica! Congratulations! I want to thank all the ones who participated with the giveaway!



  1. Ahh those jeans and your cardigan! I love the textures :)

  2. Really great look! I'm in love with your gorgeous boots!

  3. Lovely outfit! Also, i like you hair :)

  4. Joepie feest in Parijs volgende week! :D

  5. oh I could always write just <3 below your looks because I love them so so much! :)

    1. Aaaw Maja you are so sweet! Thank you so much! :D <3