Monki, please !!!

Instead of getting my work done for school, I made this little wish list of pretty things from the Monki. Do you have any favourites? Let me know peeps! My latest look on Lookbook has been flagged for deletion. That's probably because it is a head to knee picture, but I've done that already so... I'm going to use another picture (with just a litte bit more leg, haha) and repost the look! And hopefully it will not be flagged!

And thank you for all the nice comments! Even though I don't comment back all the time, I love to read them! It makes me smile from ear to ear! 


  1. Die sokken blijven leuk! (leuke items sowieso hooor)

  2. I love monki, sadly we don't have it here but ASOS has started to stock it! eeep x