Lingerie Please

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Oh lingerie! Just the word itself I think is so pretty ~ liiingerrrrie ~. I think I'm not the only one here, but wearing gorgeous looking underwear makes you feel sexy, confident...? Am I right?! Here are some of my favourites that I 've been eyeing for quite a while now or just discovered! I'm a complete fan of the collection of Hatsumi's Laundry. Especially the pieces with the dot pattern ( me + dots = love). Another one you definitely have to check out is La Fille d'O. It's a Belgian lingerie label and everything is hand made! 

So what are your thoughts? And are you craving/eyeing/drooling on some pretty ~ liiingerrrrie ~ too? Or do you know any other great lingerie webshops? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Gladys


  1. these are all so so beautiful x

  2. The monki set is lovely, plus a reasonable price!
    Ellie xx

  3. I've been trying to find the perfect lace bralette and I love these! Especially now that it's warming up, bras just feel so suffocating and gross. Lingerie is just so much more light and delicate.


    1. Oh god girl! So trueeee! And it's so pretty if you combine it with a loose top and still see a tiny bit of the bralette!

  4. I'm loving For Love & Lemons lingerie!! I feel like I'm Beyonce when Ive got pretty underwear! Even if im the only one that will see them it just really boosts your confidence :D
    Sofia x