Day 1 Lisbon (+ winner KOSHKA)

So this is how my first day in Lisbon looked like! We took the Yellow Bus to Belém and did there some sightseeing. We planned to visit the monastery and try some of the delicious Pastéis de Belém at the famous pastry shop, Fabrica de Pastéis. Unfortunately there was a massive long que, so we decided to explore other places + the sun was H O T ! Besides all the tourist stuff, we visited Baixa too and did a "bit" of shopping! I'll make a haul video and my Lisbon video will be up soon ;)!

Sorry for the long wait... but the winner of the Pink Ruffled top from Koshka is Isamar Perez! Congrats! You'll be contacted by email! And thank you to all the ones who participated! 

Big love,


  1. I love the color of the photographs. And the look is synthesized very well with the surroundings.Black-and-white wins one more time! I'm in http://www.oddelle.blogspot.com

  2. These pictures are looking so amazing ! I am LOVING the gifs !!!


  3. Amazing pictures and I love the gifs haha


  4. oooh mooie foto's gladys!
    en die ene gif als je zo wandelt is zo grappig!

  5. Die gifjes zijn zo leuk! Prachtige foto's weer Gladys

  6. wow, great pictures!! makes me really want to go back there! and your outfit is really nice, especially the pants!

    xxx from Paris!


  7. The gif of your sister is so cute and funny

  8. Lisbon looks so beautiful! Great photos, girl. X


  9. Great photos- love the gif's too! xx

  10. These photos are gorgeous! I love the addition of GIFs too, they're so fun! x

  11. Ahhh it all looks so beaut! Makes me want to travel so much. Love the tile work on the buildings x


  12. Lissabon is inderdaad zo mooi! Toffe GIFs :)
    Naomi, x

  13. great pics, love your article !


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