I'm going to Lisbon!

Playsuit & bikini- Kimchi Blue/UO, Dress- Forever21, Necklace- H&M, Black sunglasses- c/o Pappuv, Blue shades sunnies- H&M, Earrings- Moms, Silky top- H&M, Purse- Vintage, Headphones-  Marshall

This weekend my sister, mom and I will hop on a plane to Lisbon! We'll stay there for 8 days and even though I'll be away for a little while, the blog will be updated with posts. I still have to do some research of the city and find some great places to visit. Who has visited Lisbon and knows some good restaurants, shopping places, musea... etc. Please let me know in the comments below! It would be so great if you guys could help me out! 

As you can see in the pictures above I've already made a little selection of what I will bring to Lisbon. Honestly, I really hate packing! Planning outfits and checking if I didn't forget anything (this like multiple times), but thank god I don't have to bring that much with me. Next to exploring the city, there's also time for shopping! So I better make some room in my luggage! (Zara is way cheaper over there than in Belgium!)

So if you know any great places to visit in Lisbon, let me know in the comments below! + thank you so much for all the love in my previous post! I'm so glad you guys like the change! 

Love, Gladys


  1. i'm going to lisbon on thursday for ten days with my friends. so excited!

    love the colours of that bikini

  2. Hi, I'm from Lisbon and I'm also a fashion blogger :) That is so great, you'll love my city! Ok, here's some stuff you'll love to see:
    - Calouste Gulbenkian Museum (it has the greatest art collection in Portugal, there's a private restaurant there which is wonderful)
    - Terreiro do Paço (it's the biggest "plazza" in Lisbon, just by the river - google it to see how awesome it is - aaaand there's a Zara near it!), also go to the top of our "arche de triumph" (where you can have the perfect sigh of the city)
    - MUDE (fashion and design museum - it's just next to Terreiro do Paço)
    - Chiado (it's like a street with shops and music, tourist love it, ask for the gourmet burguerie "To.B" and have some lunch, totally recomend it, it's one of my fav)
    - Liberty Avenue (= Avenida da Liberdade), where you can find the big brands, it's the most expensive avenue in Lisbon
    - Palácio da Pena (it's in Sintra, 1h train from Lisbon but definitly worth it, it was a royal palace and the village is amazing, I can picture you taking nices photos there!)

    Anything you need, I'll be in Lisbon this weekend just give me a call and I can be your tour guide (sort of haha). Email me at spcneves@gmail.com if you need something :)
    Wish you a great week here and enjoy the beach, we're finaly having some sun!

    xo, Sara

    1. This is amazing Sara! Thank you so much! I've written everything down and searched on the internet! So pretty! Can't wait to be there! And thank god you guys have sun! In Belgium it's just rain :( <3

  3. I wish you a very nice time in Lisbon !


  4. Love the items in the photos! Especially the bikini! xx


  5. Helaas geen tips, maar heel veel plezier daar!

  6. I'm from portugal! So happy that you are visiting Lisbon, you will love it! It's my favourite european city, with no doubt!
    You need to visit 'Torre de Belem', 'Bairro Alto', 'Chiado' and 'Baixa', 'Avenida da Liberdade'... There's so many beautiful places to go to! Dont forget to try a 'pastel de nata' (typical portuguese cake) x

    1. Whoop! Thank you Mariana! Pastel de nata reminds me of something cute, and yeah a pastel colour, but I looked it up and still surprised!! It looks super yummy, I'll definitely try that out! xo

  7. So excited you're coming to Lisbon. Hope you'll love my city as much as I do!
    Everyone just said so many good places. But make sure you'll eat at Mercado da Ribeira one day, it's this big place full of different amazing foods you can try. And for shopping Baixa Chiado is the best place, you can still enjoy the beauty of the city while you shop. And for sure take bikinis, there are really great beaches here. And the sun is shining!
    Hope your trip will be amazing, and if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask! xx


    1. As far as I've seen the pictures on google, Lisbon looks pretty amazing and I can't wait to enjoy my stay over there! Thank you for the tips girl! :D <3