London Video Diary

In October, my friends and I went to London for three days. We visited the art exhibition of Sigmar Polke for our art course, ate some good food (everyday pizza: yummy), stalked squirrels in Hyde Park and so much more! I've also met the lovely Zoe Suen from Fashiononymous. I had such a blast!

There have been some events that kept me away from blogging. A few weeks ago, my old mac book crashed out of nowhere and I lost all my files. Stupid me, I didn't back up my latest school work. And it was definitely perfect timing! Two weeks before my exam graphic design! Big thanks to my friends who have helped me by lending their laptops to work on my school projects. I'm so so so grateful! And after loads of sweat and tears, I've managed to get everything done. Last friday I presented my work and it went pretty awesome! Now I'm back with more time, a new laptop and posts that I want to share with you!

Love, Gladys


  1. London looks like so much fun! I'm glad you were able to get all your work done for you school. Can't wait to see your future posts ♡

    xx AlexisSplash