Insta Lovin'

Hiya! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine consisted of renovating my sister's room into a little studio for a while. She'll be gone for three weeks, first Italy and then to the Philippines with my mom. Need this kind of vacay too, please! For now, I'm stuck in rainy Belgium. One week internship to go and then a lil' break.

Instead of a week recap in instagram pictures, I chose to share you some of my favourite instagram accounts today. First one is @monicamoraru. Big love for the overload of pretty colours. I've discovered her through @kastorandpollux, as she's also part of the #KPSquad!

Second, is the beautiful lady @marycake. Her instagram feed consist lots of good food (look at that heart shaped pizza... GIMME THAT, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER), her little ball of fur and her vamp style. And let's not start with the hair. Just take a look. Seriously.

Last is the pretty talented @fiwongdoodles. Her feed says enough. It's filled with detailed, quirky, interesting illustrations of people and other stuff. I wish I could tap that like button a bazillion times.So, what do you think? Do you like any of them above? Or do you have some other favourite instagram accounts? Please share! Sharing is caring! 


  1. these instagram are looking so awesome !


  2. These accounts look so great! I do love a good insta account! x


  3. It’s just an awesome post, as always! Can’t wait to see a new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. LOVE @marycake. badass, no doubt.