Two weeks ago, I was at the 27th edition of Dour Festival, which is an alternative music festival in Belgium. I stayed there for 5 days and as it was my first Dour experience, it was pretty heavy. My hot days and nights were filled with no-sleep, loads of junk food, no-shower days, mud mud everywhere, people that asked me if I'm Chinese... but also very good music.

Had an amazing time at Dour and definitely want to go back next year. Just need to prepare myself better, because I haven't seen all of my favourite bands and have to bring my rain boots next time!

And because of Dour I've been super sick for two weeks and finally recovered! I had a really nasty sore throat and had to take some antibiotica pills. As result: recovered + allergic reaction of those pills. Feeling itchy everywhere. At least I can eat properly now and do stuff. Hey, but on the positive side I've discovered some great artists during Dour! I will share this in a future post.

Next on the agenda is Wastelands Festival and WECANDANCE. More about it later. Are you guys going to a festival this summer? Which one? Let me know in the comments below! Always great to discover new ones!

It was just too hot to sleep/nap in the tent! So this was the perfect solution! Cozy!

A party tent is such a necessity when you go camping, especially when it's HOT AF and you want to stay out of the sun! + also great for rainy days!

After Nina Kraviz (check her music) we went back to our camping in our muddy shoes and Quinten's tent was soaked! He left his tent open, when we were away.

Hope you're all well!
Love, Doris


  1. Wat gaaf dat je naar Dour geweest bent! Een beetje jammer van die twee weken ziek zijn daarna, maar zelf zou ik het er zeker weten ook voor over hebben. Van de zomer ga ik naar Pukkelpop samen met een vriendin en ik heb er zo veel zin in! Whoehoe! In september ga ik ook nog naar een redelijk klein en gratis festival: appelpop. xo

    1. Oh zo leuk Desi! Amuseer je daar! En appelpop klinkt zo schattig, hihi! Ik zoek dit eens op!

  2. love the photos !


  3. Soo much festival envy right now, it looks like so much fun! Haven't been to one this year and definitely getting the festival blues. Hope the next ones are just as good! xx