Happy Happy

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Yes, today I'm celebrating my birthday! Keeping it low-key today, because I just came back from school (so tired) and not feeling 100%. Perhaps I'll watch a movie with mom and eat some delish cake! The bootyshaking and sippin' cocktails part is for this weekend!

Next to having a great day, my Iphone died. Yes. Can't believe it (I feel so naked). How am I going to post pictures on instagram. Or get in touch with people, like where to meet et blabla. And I'm so broke to buy a new one, haha. Guess the only cellphone (yeah no smartphone) I can buy right now is one of those indestructible Nokia's.

ps. last row, second picture: looks like I'm hurting Bl├╝mchen (cat), but I'm NOT! Just lots of love hihi!

Love, Doris


  1. as I said on your instagram post : bon anniversaire <3 (french for happy birthday)
    also I wanted to know where did you buy your tshirt ?

    1. hihi merci beaucoup! <3
      it's from H&M and found it in the basics section!

  2. Happy Birthday! love that photoset, and r.i.p iphone <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Happy Birthday Doris Dave! And I totally feel for you, my iphone died last week so i have been without it for a week...and still awaiting a new one...but am also too broke for a new one...student life!

    Have a lovely birthday. These photos are beautiful!

    Lucie xxx

    1. True that! Damn student life! And thank you Lucie! <3

  4. haha, my phone died recently too. I am using a flip phone