Mood: Warm & Cozy

As it is getting colder these days, which I totally don't mind (cold days are my favourites), a good warm knit or an oversized sweater is an essential! And ever since I cleared my wardrobe from very old worn out stuff, I realised that my wardrobe isn't cold-proof anymore. I probably have only two sweaters and two knitted cardigans, which I don't like to wear anymore, next to piles of light easy breazy tees.

I think I'm going to buy more pieces with a turtleneck (hate that word so much), which I find very classy looking and super warm at the same time. And to mix things up with all that black, I'll try more these tone of colours as you see in the pictures above (not sure about the blue one, I think pastel pink suits me better, haha). What are your clothing essentials for these cold days? I think next to knitwear and sweaters, a nice warm coat is pretty crucial!

Also thank you for the feedback on my last post. It somehow gave me like a fresh start to blog again. I'm just going to see how it goes and just blog all the way, haha. Thank you so much for the support!

(pictures from tumblr and pinterest)
Love, Doris