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Hat- Minimum, Coat- Zara, Sweater- Monki, Shoes- Keds

Damn it! Weekend is almost over! How was yours? Yesterday I watched The Martian at the cinema and besides cute Matt Damon, I pretty much liked the movie. I really wish I could be an astronaut and go up up up! Not kidding! Definitely super scary to be there floating in the galaxy, but kinda exciting too, hehe. Anyone who has seen the movie?

Later in the evening I dressed up in a dead kitty and celebrated my birthday with some friends in Club 69 in my hometown. A lot of fun and a lot of headache the next day! Anyway, in the pictures above I'm wearing one of my favourite sweaters from Monki. It's pretty baggy, oversized and it has a turtleneck or a roll neck (not really sure it's correct, but like this word more. Turtleneck still gives me the creeps). Combined it with a grid pants, white Keds, black coat and my new blue hat from Minimum. It has been a long time I've ever wore a hat. It's because I've been doing a lot of high buns or half buns as a solution for my hate relationship with my not-short-not-long-hair. I'll talk about that in another post!

Have a nice sunday evening!
Love, Doris


  1. Nice combination!
    Where did you get the grid pants?

    1. Thank you! Oh forgot to mention it! It's from H&M :)

  2. Ha I'd never thought of the term "turtle neck" as weird, but agreed. It is kind of creepy!
    Tempted to see The Martian too, the longness (is that a word) is putting me off watching at the cinema though xx

  3. I love the trousers so much! This is such a nice outfit x
    TrudyJohanna x

  4. Oh wow, I'm loving this outfit! So chic x


  5. Love the look ,especially with the blue hat !

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