Holy moly, long time no see! My sincere apologies for being gone like forever and not letting you know. It's not that I lack ideas or love, I felt so uninspired by the whole blogging idea and what it offered me. I decided to have a break for a week or two, but it turned out to almost 5 months!

I don't really regret those non-blogging months. I stopped focusing on it and do me the best way possible. Though I felt very guilty after receiving 'where are you?/did you quit blogging?' mails and not letting you know. I wanted to write about it, but I kept postponing it. Not knowing how I would say it. In the meantime I was also overly focused on school and I must say that I made the best decision ever. I've probably already said it here, but after I graduated I decided to study further and get my master in fine arts (graphic design). This made me realise that I love to create visuals. I love to create images, gifs, publications, posters, fonts... I love to communicate through visuals. 

As I look back, when I had that long ombre hair, I blogged about the vintage clothes I've bought, created big wish lists of shoes or other fashion related stuff, captured my adventures with my pink fisheye or ended each post with a song that matched my mood. Back then, I saw myself (or people saw me) as a 'fashion blogger'. Now, I totally disagree. I love arts, music or traveling way more than fashion. But hey, it has been a big deal of what's shaped me as a person. 

What I want to say is, that I don't want to stop. Those almost-5-months-of-non-blogging made me realise a few things: I want to create visuals, encourage and inspire people, communicate with likeminded peeps, use my voice to advice and influence, share my experiences... I want to continue. Whether through blogging, social media or IRL. Oh we shall see. So thanks if you stick around, if not that's cool too. No matter what, you're all pretty awesome.

I know it's kinda vague, same with the future/life (oh so deep, lol). I could write pages about it, but I'll spare you that! Here's a quote from Martin Margiela (i-D magazine, 1998) to sum it all up.

What are you working on? Continuing Future plans? Continuity What inspires you? Continuance Advice? Continue!


  1. So glad you're back! Always look forward to your posts.

    Payton // Tiny darling

  2. Great to see you back!

    I totally understand with the whole absence from blogging - I do it from time to time and there's nothing wrong with it at all - you need time for you! And it's always interesting to stop and look back on what you used to be like to see how far you've come.

    I think whatever you post next will be interesting and inspiring! I can't wait!


    1. Yes it is indeed interesting! Thank you very much for the love Lucie! <3

  3. It's beautiful and I love the colour you went for in the end!

  4. Wow, just found your blog!

    I'm also kind of uninspired to this blog-kind-of-thing. Now I'm thinking more about other social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. Blogging is hard, when you're also writing your bachelor thesis in journalism. Can't wait to graduate and be done with the studies. Planning to move to Australia for a year, and do a working holiday visa. Think it's good for my brain, since I don't know really what I'm super good at. Maybe I'll find it out when I'm down there (really hope so), and also find my own style when it comes to blog and social media.

    1. Hi Anette!
      Yes it's true, the combo of blogging and school isn't easy! If you're thinking about other platforms, then just do it! Give it a shot! Otherwise you'll never know. Oh Australia for a year sounds awesome! You'll definitely will learn more about yourself, for sure! Say YES to new experiences and new people! And never stop creating and sharing it with others!

    2. Damn! I don't understand the language on your blog! You're from Sweden? Keep it up!!!

    3. I'm from Norway, haha! :-) So norwegian. Maybe I'll start writing in english when I move. The other reason why I'm also moving is because I fell in love with an australian for two years ago (and we're still together), when I studied there for half a year.

  5. Love the post, really interesting!