Love Love Love (Makeup)

Last weekend, my friends and I attended a natural makeup look workshop at MUD. We learned the basics and learned a bit of contouring and applying eye shadow. For the last one I was very excited about, because all I do with my eyes is mascara, sometimes/barely liner and very rarely some eyeshadow, but nobody sees it, haha. (Long story short, I'm such a pussy to go bold with makeup.) At the workshop they asked me if I want to go for the natural colours or a bit more daring, like purple or red. I picked a colour similar to a pomegranate (which is also the name of the eye shadow!) and after applying it, I literally fell in love with it.

On a daily basis, I only use mascara and/or lipstick, and some brow gel when I leave the house. But after the MUD workshop (and yes, I bought the eye shadow) I'm more in an experimental/bold mood! I'll show you the MUD-products I bought later.

Below I collected a few images of makeup looks I've been loving and want to try out myself! What do you think? Have you been loving a certain makeup look? Let me know in the comments!

1. Red eyeshadow, red liner

2. Glossy look

3. Colourful/bold lashes 


  1. Love the makeup inspiration so much !


  2. oh my god i am in love with the blue mascara! i wish i had the confidence to pull it off <3

    alexius xx.
    organic hearts

  3. Love this post! x