Daily Snaps

I was going through my pictures on my iPhone and realised that I take loads of daily snaps, but 90% of it never sees the daylight. Mostly overthinking if the picture fits my Instagram theme (hello, social media pals and gals, you know the struggle). So I thought to pick some and bundle them in a tiny post! Let me know if you like these kind of posts. Kisses and see you tomorrow!

1. That day was freezing cold, the kind of weather I like the most. Yes I'm definitely an autumn/winter person. 2. For the second time I gave a class about photography and storytelling on Instagram for REC Academy at KASK. (REC is a training program for digital storytellers.) And damn I was nervous! 3. My sister and I visited the first exposition of Valentino Zharkovsky, whom I interviewed a few posts ago!

1. Pretty corals at 'Wereld van Kina' during Museum Night in Ghent. 2. Sometimes Sushi likes to hang in my neck and purrrrr. 3. Each year the masters of graphic design organise a week of workshops and lectures. Besides that, we also organised a party. This picture was taken 4 o'clock in the morning, sitting in a sofa, waiting for all those tipsy, stoned peeps to get the f out. I was tired AF.

1. & 2. More pictures from that week before the crazy party. Look at my drawing skilzzz... 3. Really good cake made by my friend Tine for my birthday.

1. I think these Snapchat filters perfectly enhances my looks. What do you think? hehe. 2. Another one from Museum Night. Tine is having a moment with the lobster. 3. Last Thursday I visited the Opera in Ghent for a dance performance by Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker, Rain. Amazing. If you don't know who that is, google her now. BeyoncĂ© once copied her (see Countdown clip). Still love you B.


  1. your photos are super cool !


  2. women like clothes in which they were more than comfortable and I can that you had done a great job