Three Jewellers I Like (& You Should Follow)

So as I have said, I want to spend my money on real gold/silver jewellery. Sparkly things that have nice quality, but also look damn fine! I've been browsing the internet for some inspiration and stumbled on some beautiful Instagram accounts of jewellers. Go follow them all!

1. SEB BROWN: What I like about his designs, is that raw feeling. Every jewellery is individual made, which makes every single piece unique. He creates various shapes (very sculptural) in gold/silver and sometimes he ads precious stones or pearls. (@sebbrown)

jewellery, seb brown, doris dave

2. YOUNGFRANKK: I've been seeing a lot of people that I follow wearing beautiful gems of Young Frankk. Especially those hand earrings have been popping up everywhere! Young Frankk is a combination of minimalist and statement designs, that are easy to wear and perfect on every outfit. (@youngfrankk)

jewellery, young frankk, doris dave

3. COMMON MUSE: Much more of a classic and luxurious tone, but with a little twist. Common Muse creates bold statement jewellery for an affordable price and they believe it is not about the price tag, but all about the feeling. I'm lusting over these Tilda Hoops (second row, second picture). How pretty do they look? (@commonmuseco)

jewellery, Common Muse, doris dave